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Its a simple loop but...there is a story.

LooTennant responds:

Well, now I'm curious. What do you think is the story?

a lot to like about this one. Wasn't sure at first but i'm glad i took the time to watch the whole thing. Good dialogue, great characters, and not to mention a proper and full length montage. sweet stuff!

theBEARtrap responds:

Thank you for your review! Im glad you enjoyed it (considering the amount of work me and my very short staff did to make it possible). I will be publishing our two other episodes soon so be sure to look out for us!

Not too bad!

The storyline alone is what I find cool, animation....eeh.

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I get it!

Ha Ha! Like the old school menu music reference!

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I, I , I Dunno...

e for effort, the notes sound like they are sick,.,.,with a bad flu.

tomashcu responds:

yeah actually

now that you mention it......

it sounds like that



Oh yeah, I forgot I liked trance! Thanks for reminding me!

nal1200 responds:

Glad to be of service :]

Get the recording equipment!

This not bad at all, the only thing is the recording equipment. I know you placed a disclamer about it but I'm just saying it's the only thing really holding you back. Good job!!!!

CluppHead responds:

WOW!! First of all, i'd like to say that I am truly honored to be recieving a review from you Soothsage. I've listened to your music and all I can really say is bravo to you man. You have got some high quality stuff!! I would love to get recording equipment, but i've been treating this as a hobby, a really low budget hobby. I really don't make a whole lot being in the military. That and i truly have no idea where to start when buying equipment...... If you have any suggestions, it would be much appreciated. I mean, if I could sound half as good as you and your band, that would still be something! Maybe it's something I could work on buying piece by piece. Anyway, thanks for takin the time man, nothing like getting a review from a true artist!

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