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Hello almost sleepy world

2012-09-01 01:26:38 by Soothsage

Made music posts before bedtime tonight, yeah!

Sleepy world

2012-08-26 05:04:38 by Soothsage

I gotta stop posting songs so late at night!

New Music by <The Jones.> "Six pack of lies"

2008-01-27 02:58:21 by Soothsage

"http:// ">

New Music By <The Jones.>
Fed, Soothsage, Imageone beats.

New Music by <The Jones.> "Six pack of lies"

Clouds Keep Rollin' In

New Track By "The Jones" ---Soothsage, Fed, Imageone Beats, and Dan "The Man" M.

New Song By --- The Jones.---
Fed & Soothsage

*******Empty Nest********

Early Mixdown <Newgrounds Exclusive>

The audio portal is lacking solidarity! Musicians unite, let's start doing some track trading, remixing, cross country co-producing!
Any takers? Contact me!

Looking towards starting a beat a lyrics trade!